We want what’s best for your pet

We’re on a mission to make pet insurance as simple and accessible as possible for pet parents all over Australia. 

Pet insurance made simple

Pet Circle Insurance was started with a simple goal – to provide pet insurance that could empower every pet parent to pet better. Key to achieving this is our team of in-house vets, 90% of whom still work part-time in veterinary practices all over Australia.

Vets know that the biggest barrier pet parents face in giving their beloved furry friends the best possible treatment is lack of pet insurance. We’re guided by them every day to create a simple policy with the right amount of flexibility and cover to make pet insurance an affordable option for everyone with a pet.

It started with a man and his dog

Yes, it’s true. Back in 2011, our founder Mike noticed that his father had stopped buying their golden retriever’s favourite food. Turns out that Mike’s dad had injured his back and could no longer lug the 15kg food bags home from the pet store. The idea behind Pet Circle was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to today, and Pet Circle has become Australia’s #1 online pet store, trusted by more than 1 million pet parents to help their pets live their best lives. Pet Circle are now the experts in pets, guided every day by the expertise and experience of a team of in-house vets and a commitment to bettering the lives of pets and pet parents alike!

Customer experience and innovation is important to us

2024 Outstanding Customer Service in Pet Insurance

Won the 2024 award for customer service thanks to our Aussie-based support and seamless claims process

Most Satisfied Customers in Pet Category two years in a row

Pet Circle rated best in Canstar Blue’s pet stores review, scoring five stars for value for money, store & website layout, and overall satisfaction.

2nd Place in Retail Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment for Last Mile Delivery

Pet Circle introduced its own logistical system of delivery vans in order to speed up the process of reaching customers during the pandemic.

Top Loyalty Program for WOW Moments

The WOW Moments initiative aims to surprise and delight our customers with ‘feel good moments’ through personalised gifts and experiences or handwritten cards that leave them smiling from ear to ear or cry tears of joy.

Best Customer Service Team. Online Customer Service Initiative of the Year for Vet Squad.

Our Customer Service team and Vet Squad focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience that is simple, surprising, personalised and pet-first.

Life at Pet Circle

Loved by customers and their pets

Alex and Poppy from NSW

Billy and Jerry (his rescue ragdoll)

I took out insurance with Pet Circle late last year for my one year old rescue Ragdoll, Jerry and I'm very glad I did. I'm an anxious pet parent at the best of times, and he is our very special furbaby! Jerry had a few stomach issues and having insurance meant we didn't think twice about taking him to the Vet. We were able to give him the care he needed without worrying about what it might cost us. Pet Circle insurance were really easy to deal with and my claim was paid super quickly.

Alex and Poppy from NSW

Manis and Pique (her Bluey)

Pique (my Bluey) and I used to get our insurance from another company. Many people warned me about the pre-existing conditions assessment when I decided to switch. But since moving to Pet Circle, we've seen significant savings. We now only pay our $150 excess once per year - with our last provider, it was $200 for every single claim! Vet visits are no longer a worry. Thanks, Pet Circle Insurance!

"Seamless process - found Pet Circle Insurance to be excellent both in cover and price. My pup and I are very pleased."


"Straight forward and easy pet insurance - Get pet insurance for our puppy, was stress-less and very easy to do online"


"This is how pet insurance should be! Easy and uncomplicated… 1st time using pet insurance and I found everything seamless"


"Great insurance, hassle free claim - The claim went through smoothly hassle free."

Antony C.

"First claim quick and easy claiming process. Excellent communication and refunded promptly :)"


"Easy claim and warm connection - Easy claiming process. Quick response from the staff. Warm, friendly, human-like communication."


"Excellent - From the settling of our claims to the wonderful treatment by your personnel you exceeded our expectations."


"I just purchased pet insurance for my cat and am very happy with the ease of the online process and the pricing"


"Please check out Pet Circle Insurance, you will be very Impressed!! I found the entire experience great!"


"Peace of mind - I shopped around for a while and can confirm that Pet Circle Insurance provides you with a quality cover at best price."


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Australia’s largest online pet shop

Pet Circle is trusted by over 1 million Australians to help their pets live their best lives. With a team of in-house vets to provide professional advice and guidance, Pet Circle is committed to bettering the lives of pets and pet parents alike!

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